Dinner Show Fun at Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede

We were really excited when we found out that Pigeon Forge has several dinner shows. The boys love them so we knew we had to go to one on our road trip. The dinner show we decided to go with was Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. We made a great choice because it was so much fun!


My intention was to arrive early to see the horses in the stable as well as the pre-show in the Dixie Belle Saloon. Unfortunately, we ran into traffic on the way to Pigeon Forge due to construction; so we missed the pre-show completely. When we walked through the Dixie Belle Saloon, everyone was heading off to their seats.


I had pre-purchased souvenir boot mugs for the boys so we picked those up in the saloon before finding our seats.

I purchased preferred seating which is in the first three rows. We ended up being in the second row and had really great seats.

As is typical with these types of dinner shows, the tables were set before we sat down. Everyone had a plate, bowl, coffee cup, and a mason jar for soda.

The meal is served throughout the show. We were served creamy vegetable soup, bread, chicken, pork loin, a potato, and dessert. We all enjoyed our food. My favorite part was the soup. I really liked the creamy texture and it had a great flavor.

Of course, the main part of Dixie Stampede is the show. We really loved the show. It was so much fun. There were horses, bison, pigs, dancing, and songs. If you’ve ever been to a Medieval Times, this is similar in that you cheer for your side. I also really loved the changing background. You should be able to see it in a few of my pictures.

After the show, the cast lines up around the arena for pictures and autographs. The boys got an autograph with our section’s cowboy and Skeeter.

This is Skeeter. He was the boys’ favorite.

Once we left the arena we went to the gift shop. After that we went outside to see the horses in the stables. We were able to see them but they were all facing the opposite way.

We had so much fun at the Dixie Stampede that Connor was asking to go to one of the other dinner shows the next night.

Have you ever been to the Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede? What was your favorite part?

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