The Blue Taco

We picked up food to go at The Blue Taco in Abilene on Thursday.

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The Blue Taco has a drive-thru but I wanted to go inside to see what it was like. There is a small dining area inside and there are also a few tables outside. The chairs and trashcans and other things were blue.

The Blue Taco is kind of like one of those build your own burrito places except it’s tacos. So, you go through the line and basically tell them what you want. I ordered two baja taco meals and two kids meals. The baja tacos already specify what comes on them but I’m sure you could add something if you wanted. The kids meal tacos were ground beef and for the other I got grilled steak and grilled chicken. You could pick whether you wanted it on the blue corn shell or a soft flour tortilla. The baja tacos came with lettuce, cheese, and baja sauce and you could get chips and salsa or queso and a drink with the meal. The kids meals came with chips, a drink, and a cookie or brownie. They put it all to go in a big blue bag.

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Kid's meals

Kid’s meals

Baja Taco meal with cihps and queso

Baja Taco meal with cihps and queso

Baja Taco meal with chips and salsa

Baja Taco meal with chips and salsa

First I tasted the baja sauce on my tacos and it reminded me of something that I’ve tasted before but I can’t figure out what it is. I didn’t really like it but when I tasted it with the taco it went together well. I thought the steak had pretty good flavor but I wish it had been warmer. The chips and queso were okay.

Connor seemed to like his taco, he ate it all. JT ate some of his and then he ate some of the chicken taco. He liked the baja sauce, he called it ranch though.

Overall I liked it, it wasn’t great but I was happy with my food. I’m sure it probably would have been better if we had eaten there because then it would have been warmer.

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