Hickory Street Cafe & Betty Rose’s Little Brisket

So, I decided to go ahead and combine the reviews for Hickory Street Cafe and Betty Rose’s Little Brisket because I didn’t actually take any pictures from Betty Rose’s.

Let’s start with Hickory Street Cafe.

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Hickory Street Cafe is on none other then Hickory Street and it looks like a house. I had read on reviews that you need to get here early to get a table because otherwise it gets packed and you have to wait. This was true because we got there just before the crowd.

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The boys had just bought their Can You See What I See? books so they wanted to bring them in. The boys ordered the peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread from the kids menu. It came with grapes and goldfish.

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Connor was busy but eventually he ended up eating.

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I had also read on reviews that the chicken salad here is really good as is the zucchini bread (which we didn’t get).  I love chicken salad sandwiches but am always afraid to try them because I don’t always like them everywhere but since all the reviews said it was good I decided to try it.  I ordered it on a croissant and it came with potato sticks and pasta salad.

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This is definately big enough to share, half a sandwich was plenty for me.  I’m just now thinking that maybe I should have taken a picture of the inside of the sandwich as well but it’s a little late now.  As a lot of the reviews I read stated, Hickory Street Cafe’s chicken salad really is good.  Like I said before I don’t order it everywhere because I don’t like it from just anywhere but this was a good chicken salad sandwich.  The only complaint I have about it is that the grapes they put in it need to be smaller.  I think they were cut in half but they were still pretty big so I would have liked it better with smaller grape pieces but other then that it was delicious.  As for the other components of the meal, the potato sticks were fine, they are basically like potato chips but in little sticks.  I don’t normally eat potato chips but the boys liked them.  I wasn’t a big fan of the pasta salad but it was okay.  Connor really likes pasta salad but he didn’t really care for this one.  He likes the kind that has italian dressing on it and this one was pretty dry.  I also ordered a cup of potato soup.

Not the greatest picture :(

Not the greatest picture 🙁

I was surprised to see that the cup of soup actually was a cup of soup.   Everywhere else a cup of soup is in a small bowl so I liked that this was a cup.  The soup came topped with bacon, green onions, and cheese but I got mine without the bacon.  I’m weird and I don’t like bacon on anything.  Sometimes I will just let them bring my food with the bacon and take it off myself because I feel weird asking for no bacon on a turkey BLT or something.  In this case though I am okay with ordering no bacon.  Also, just so everyone knows it’s not that I don’t like bacon… I love bacon as long as it is not on anything but bacon.  So, anyways, the potato soup was also very good and the boys also loved it but they are big fans of soup so I figured they would.

So my opinion for Hickory Street Cafe is that you should definately go for lunch but be early.  We got there before 11:30am and were just in time.  If we had gotten there just 5 minutes later we probably would have had to wait.  The chicken salad is delicious and the soup is good so I think it is a place worth going to.

Moving right along to Betty Rose’s Little Brisket.

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That was the one and only picture I took. The Betty Rose’s that we went to was right by the hotel and it is in a little strip center. They have a little smokehouse in the parking lot and it smelled really good.

We went in and there was nobody eating in there at the time and we didn’t eat there either, we took it to go. I just ordered chopped bbq sandwiches and a brisket sandwich for the boys to share. When you walk in there is a counter to your left and this is where you order and they cut the meat and make the sandwich for you right there so it only took a few minutes. We also received a little container with barbecue sauce.

I guess I must have been hungry because I just started eating and didn’t remember to take any pictures until after all the food was gone. The sandwiches were good and they had a lot of meat. I was really surprised at how many slices of brisket were on the sandwich. It was the perfect amount for the boys to share. The barbecue sauce was good, it wasn’t too sweet or too spicy.

I’ve read the reviews for Betty Rose’s also and they seem to be mixed but our experience was good so I think it’s worth it shot.