Brain Fitness- Pathwords Game Review

I was sent a free Brain Fitness Pathwords game from Think Fun in exchange for an honest review. The outside of the box calls it a “word search extreme”. I would say that word search extreme describes the game pretty well.


Once you open up the box you’ll find a book with 80 challenges, the puzzle pieces, and an instruction booklet.


There are four challenge levels- beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert.

In order to solve each puzzle you need to cover the entire area with your puzzle pieces and each section you cover has to make a word. Some of the challenges will tell you which puzzle pieces you need to solve the puzzle but others only tell you how many pieces you need.

Here is the very first challenge:



As you see the words can go forwards or backwards and sometimes you’ll find a word that will not help you solve the challenge.

Here is one that doesn’t tell you which pieces you need:


Some of the puzzles are made even harder by using symbols instead of letters. This next challenge you used pictures of cats and dogs.


One of the words here is bulldog.

One of the words here is bulldog.

The game is recommended for ages 12 and up but I think younger kids could try playing as well. The boys enjoyed trying to solve the challenges and wanted to take it with us on vacating last month. Even JT who is 5 just enjoyed trying to fit the puzzle pieces on without really paying attention the words.

Pathwords would make a great gift for anyone that loves doing word searches or for those that love doing different brain exercises. It might also be a good tool to work on spelling or vocabulary. Make sure to check it out on Amazon or the Think Fun website.