A is for Aardvark and Armadillo

JT has been working on an Alphabet Animal book so I thought I’d share what he’s been doing on here (and Connor too).

We started off with a binder and JT decorated a page with some animal stickers to put in the insert on the front. All we had a the time was penguins, whales, and dolphins.

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For each letter we are starting off by putting in a page with just the letter on it. So for the letter A I drew a big block letter A and he painted it in.

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After that we picked two animals that start with A to learn about and then we do some sort of craft or art with that animal. So the first A animal was the armadillo.

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JT's Armadillo

JT’s Armadillo

Connor's Armadillo

Connor’s Armadillo

JT wanted to put a lot of eyes on his armadillo and Connor wanted to put his together using only cardboard. Connor’s armadillo went on his Texas lapbook that he is making. I got the idea for the armadillo from the Texas Parks & Wildlife website.

Our second A animal was the aardvark. I drew an aardvar, a termite mound, an Africa outline, and a crescent moon for him to color and then glue together however he wanted on another piece of paper.

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JT also painted a second letter A page but it also included an ant that was made out of his fingerprints and there’s also an little apple in the corner.

Letter A painting

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Other non animal related A things he did was make the letter A out of playdough and we also made some apples out of playdough and I would make a number out of the playdough and he had to put that many apples in my basket.

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Samsung 010

He wanted to break the number 7 up into two baskets.

He wanted to break the number 7 up into two baskets.

So, those are our letter A activities. Stay tuned for the letter B.

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