LaKing’s Confectionary

LaKing’s Confectionary is in Galveston, Texas. It’s a couple of different things rolled up into one place. It’s an ice cream parlour, a soda fountain, coffee bar, and a candy shop.

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You walk into a wide open space. It was bigger then I had imagined. There are tables in the middle and the coffee, soda, and ice cream are on the left side and the candy is to the right.

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There are signs telling you where to get in line for what you want to get and there is a cashier at each. The boys got ice cream, the line for ice cream was the longest. I thought that Connor was going to want a banana split since he had been asking for one the day before but he didn’t, he just wanted ice cream. An interesting fact I found from LaKing’s website is that they make Purity Ice Cream which is the oldest ice cream in Texas.

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I got a cherry ice cream soda and JT stole it. He decided he liked that better than his ice cream I guess.

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Once we were done with their ice cream it was time to get candy. They have a pretty big selection of candy and for some reason it reminds me of the candy store in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

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You can watch the taffy being pulled and the man pulling the taffy will toss you a sample. All of the kids seem to really enjoy this, it’s fun to watch.

The boys ended up with a few different types of candy, mostly gummies but they also had some candy that looked like legos that JT loved but unfortunately he didn’t get to eat many of them because he spilled them. I think he was trying to build with them and ended up spilling them all.

Our next stop after LaKing’s was Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast. I liked it, I thought it was really interesting but that is a different story for another day.