San Antonio Zoo

Last month Connor had a field trip to the San Antonio Zoo so JT and I went along. They went through pretty quickly and with a bunch of kids it’s hard to get through some places but JT and I did get some pictures of the animals. So, here we go:

JT and I actually lost Connor’s class when we first went in so we decided to try going one way around and see if we ran into them. I figured most likely they started to the left so we went that way and stopped to look at the black bears.


After the bears we were trying to look at some of the monkeys but then Connor’s teacher found us so we had to move on to the cat grotto. We went in the cat grotto but it was so crowded with all the kids so we didn’t really see anything. Next we saw some birds.



From there we moved onto the Africa Live! exhibit. The first area you go into usually has hippos but they weren’t in there that day. There were only a bunch of fish, the Nile Crocodile, and a bird that caught a fish.

JT with the fish.

JT with the fish.

A not very good picture of the crocodile.

A not very good picture of the crocodile.

A not so great picture of the bird that caught a fish.

A not so great picture of the bird that caught a fish.

We saw some other animals as we walked through the exhibit. We tried to stay to the back of the group that we could look at the animals a little better. One of the animals was the Okapi and I was surprised that basically none of the kids or adults knew what an Okapi was. I didn’t take a picture of the Okapi here but if you don’t know what an Okapi is I do have a picture of one from the Oklahoma City Zoo here.

Next we came to the elephant.



The area next to the elephants was being worked on so we didn’t really see much. There was a few antelope and a Zebra but he wasn’t out in the exhibit. After that we saw some Cheetahs, a Rhino, some more antelope, warthog, and then lions.







Next up we saw a cassowary, some playful tigers, a kangaroo, bush dogs, and fighting porcupine.






You can't tell but there are 3 porcupines here and they are fighting.

You can’t tell but there are 3 porcupines here and they are fighting.

The last animal picture I have is of the alligators and JT just informed me that he really liked that part.


I had also downloaded the SAZoo-AR app but we didn’t really get a chance to use it because we moved so fast through the exhibits. The way it works though is that certain exhibits there is a sign that you can scan in the app and it tells you a little bit about the animal I believe.

After the alligators we went inside the bird exhibit, which JT says he also liked, and I took a picture of one of the SAZoo-AR app signs.


After the birds the class stopped for lunch. I was hoping there would be a café or concession stand near the picnic tables so that we could get something to eat but there was nothing nearby. When the kids finished their lunch they moved on to the reptile house and JT and I did not go in because I figured it was going to be way too crowded. So, while the kids went in the reptile house JT ate some Dippin’ Dots and after that they headed back to the front and were about an hour or an hour and a half too early.


We waited with them for a while but then we decided to go to the Train Café and eat lunch there since we were hungry.

We shared a cheeseburger and fries and they were surprisingly really good. It was super fresh (it took them about 10 minutes to cook our food) and good so I was happy about that. I didn’t expect it to be that great but it was and afterwards JT wanted a huge rainbow popsicle. He surprisingly finished the entire thing.



That was our visit to the zoo and I’m sure we’ll go again sometime so I’ll post more then.