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I was chosen by Crowdtap to be a part of a group of Campbell’s Tasters. The goal was to discover Campbell’s. I received a bunch of Campbell’s products for free to sample and review.


Here’s a list of everything that was included:

Campbell’s Skillet Sauces- Creamy Parmesan Chicken
Campbell’s Condensed Soup- Creamy Poblano & Queso
Campbell’s Soups for Easy Cooking- Savory Portobello Mushroom
Campbell’s Chunky- Beer-N-Cheese w/Beef and Bacon
Campbell’s Slow Kettle Style- Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup
Campbell’s Spaghettios Micros
Prego Light Alfredo Sauce
Swanson Traditional Cream Starter
Campbell’s Cutting Board, Wooden Spoon, Tote Bag, & Shaker
There was also a booklet with some recipes and coupons. A coupon for a free bottle of one of the new v8 flavors was included but we didn’t find it in the store.

The first thing I tried was the Campbell’s Creamy Parmesan Chicken Skillet Sauce.


I just followed the directions on the back exactly. It was super simple, quick and pretty good. They have a bunch of different flavors and I think they are worth a try.

The next thing I made was a dish using the Campbell’s Savory Portobello Mushroom. First I sauteed some onions and then added in mushrooms. After that I cooked pieces of chicken and then tossed it all together with some spinach and then added in the Savory Portobello Mushroom.


I was really excited to try this one but unfortunately I did not like it all. I use the regular Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom a lot and I love it so I was hoping to feel the same about this one but that was not the case. It had this one flavor to it that I just didn’t like. If I remember correctly I think I looked at the box and saw that it had dill in it and I’m pretty sure that’s what that flavor was. I personally don’t like the taste of dill.

Next up was the Prego Light Alfredo Sauce. I found a recipe for chicken enchiladas using this so I decided to try that but I didn’t really follow the recipe. What I did was cut the chicken into small pieces and cooked it. While I cooked the chicken I also broiled some broccoli, onions, and bell peppers. Once everything was cooked I put some Alfredo sauce on the bottom of my pan and then rolled up the chicken, vegetables, and some cheese in corn tortillas and placed those on top of the sauce. I then topped that with more sauce, more cheese, and more vegetables.


This was good. They were definitely not your traditional enchiladas but the Prego Light Alfredo Sauce worked really well in them.

The next product I tried was the Campbell’s Creamy Poblano & Queso. One of recipes in the booklet was a recipe for Creamy Poblano Mac & Cheese. It sounded good so I decided to try it. It used the Creamy Poblano & Queso soup, macaroni (we used mini bow pasta), cheddar jack cheese, bell pepper, and cilantro.


This turned out okay. I think it would have been better with more of the cheddar jack cheese.

The last recipe I made was another one from the booklet. I made the loaded potato soup using the Swanson Traditional Cream Starter. Mine wasn’t exactly loaded because I left out the bacon. I know everyone usually always loves bacon but I don’t. I like bacon by itself but not in anything else.


Not at all a great picture but I figured a picture of the finished soup was needed.

Not at all a great picture but I figured a picture of the finished soup was needed.

The potato soup was good and Connor said it was yummy. The Swanson Cream Starter made it really easy to use. The recipe for the potato soup is on the back of the box if you decide to try it.

The last picture I have is for the Campbell’s Chunky Beer-N-Cheese w/Beef and Bacon. All I did with this was heat it up and try it with some bread.


This was fine. I think a lot of people would probably like it. For me though it would have been better if it was just Beer-N-Cheese soup without the beef and bacon.

Moving on to the Campbell’s Spaghettios Micros. They are just like regular Spaghettios but they’re made for the microwave so they are super convenient. The boys ate it, loved it and wanted more.

I didn’t try the Campbell’s Slow Kettle Style Roasted Chicken Soup but the boys did and I hear it was good.

So, that is the end of my experience with some of these new Campbell’s products. Overall I think the are worth a try. Have you discovered any new Campbell’s products? If you have, let me know which ones and what you thought.

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