Discover Brookside

*Disclosure: I received a free bag of Brookside Clusters to sample. A blog post was not required and all opinions are my own.*

I was chosen to receive a free sample of Brookside Clusters through Crowdtap. The bag I was received was the Berry Medley flavor. I wasn’t familiar with Brookside before but after I received the sample I noticed people snacking on these and I saw them at the store.


All of the Brookshire chocolates are dark chocolate and there are four different flavors. There is the pomegranate, acai and blueberry, goji and raspberry, and the crunchy clusters in berry medley. The Crunchy Clusters are clusters of multigrain and fruit centers. They are then covered in dark chocolate.

When I first tried them just out of the bag I liked them. They are crunchy but the bigger pieces are a little chewier. The primary flavor to me is the chocolate and it’s followed up with the slightly sweet berry flavor. The flavor combination works really well.

JT was really excited to try these. He loves chocolate but he didn’t like them. I was really surprised because he will even eat bittersweet baking chocolate if you let him.


I made some sundaes with the Brookside Clusters as a topping and they tasted even better in the sundae than by themselves. They seemed to be crunchier in the sundae which I really liked. I made sundaes using both strawberry and vanilla. Then I added a layer of chopped strawberries, whipped cream, and then the Brookside Clusters and a cherry.



I was hoping JT would like them in the ice cream but he didn’t. Connor however is not a big fan of chocolate and didn’t want to try these but he really liked them on his sundae.

I’m glad I got to Discover Brookside and would really love to try the other flavors.