Browne’s Irish Marketplace- Kansas City, MO

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I thought I’d write a short post about Browne’s Irish Marketplace in Kansas City, Missouri. I probably should have written it yesterday when it was actually St. Patrick’s Day but oh well.

Last week we went to Kansas City and one of the places we visited was Browne’s Irish Marketplace.

As we were driving to Browne’s there were Irish flags starting from a few blocks down and ending at Browne’s. I’m not sure whether they are always there or were just there because it was close to St. Patrick’s Day but it really helped me find it. When I saw them I knew I must be going in the right direction.


When you walk into Browne’s you are entering the dining area which is a small room with a only a few tables. Browne’s is a deli so they have a variety of sandwiches, soups, and salads. We were there just for the Irish Potato Soup because I read on some forum somewhere that it was a must try.


I believe there was only one size of soup but I can’t quite remember. It was a good size though. It was creamy with chunks of potato in it and paired really well with the oyster crackers they put on the side.



Besides being a deli, Browne’s also sells Irish and Celtic items. They had some items for sale in the front room and another 6 rooms of items in the back. Browne’s also claims to be the oldest Irish business in North America having started in 1887.

I’m sure that this is place the to be in Kansas City on St. Patrick’s Day. I know that they have some special stuff going on that day. Has anyone else ever been to Browne’s? If you have let me know what you think about it and if you’ve ever been there on St. Patrick’s Day.

Thank for reading!