MyPrintly Mom Meet-Up

Last week I attended the MyPrintly Mom Meet-Up in Austin. I took my cousin with me and we had lots of fun trying out some new HP and MyPrintly products.



This was my first blogger event so I was super excited to have been invited. Luckily we left 2 1/2 hours before the event started because it took us the entire time to get there which I was not expecting. We actually got to Austin in about an hour but then because of traffic it took us another hour and a half to get to the Omni Downtown. I mapped out the location from where the traffic started to the hotel and it only about 5 miles. We made it though on time and when we went to check in we received our badges, gift bag, like stickers, raffle tickets, and a card with a rundown of all the stations.

Once we entered the room we decided to start at the Product Showcase Station. At this station we learned about HP’s Instant Ink program. This is a really great program in my opinion and very useful. You sign up for the program and pay a certain amount per month depending on how much you print. The printer then sends out a notice when ink is running low and it automatically gets shipped to you so that you never run out of ink. I tend to stay away from printers because once I run out of ink I tend to never buy more so this would be so helpful.



Next we headed over to the Mobile Printing Station to try out the HP Cards app. Since I had already downloaded and checked out the app beforehand I knew exactly what I wanted to try printing. The app is super simple to use. You just pick a category and a template and then you can add a photo from your camera roll or from Instagram or Facebook. There a few color choices for each template and you can also edit the text.




We also got to try out the HP Social Media Snapshot app. This app is really handy because you can print out pictures directly from Facebook and Instagram. You also have a choice of templates for this one. It also automatically takes the caption you wrote from your photo and adds that in but you can also edit it or delete it all together. Our pictures also printed on the new sticky back photo paper.





Also a part of the Mobile Printing Station was the Living Photo Wall. There was a photo printed out from each of us and the photos were all displayed on the wall. This is where we used our like stickers. Everyone had 5 stickers to put on their 5 favorite photos and the picture with the most likes won a prize.



Next we went over to the Innovation Garage where we got to learn about some new products that are currently in development. One of these was the Hashtag Printers. As you might guess the printers can be setup to print pictures from a certain hashtag. We got to see this firsthand because all of the pictures we tagged with #MyPrintly printed at the event. I can see this technology working really well for events or even family vacations. You could come up with your own unique hashtag and set your pictures to automatically print.

Here are my prints from the HP Social Media Snapshots App and the Hashtag printer.

Here are my prints from the HP Social Media Snapshots App and the Hashtag printer.

After checking out the Innovation Garage we grabbed some food and started on the MyPrintly Social Media Station which included frame and cupcake decorating.




My completed Sorcerer Mickey themed frame.

My completed Sorcerer Mickey themed frame.


JT's birthday was the day after the event so I decided to make him a birthday cupcake.

JT’s birthday was the day after the event so I decided to make him a birthday cupcake.

This cupcake was for Connor.

This cupcake was for Connor.

When we had finished decorated our frame and cupcakes an ice cream sundae bar was brought out, raffle winners were picked, and I was able to get in a bit more printing before it was time to go.



I had a lot of fun at this event and enjoyed learning about all the new products. Thank you to MyPrintly and BSM Media for the great event!