Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery

Last month my best friend, Roxie, treated me to dinner for Culinaria Restaurant Week at Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery. Southerleigh is here in San Antonio at the Pearl.


It’s fairly new…I’m not sure how new but it’s new enough that it was not on the map in the parking garage so it took the boys and I awhile to find it. Eventually we found it though and when we went in my friend was already seated and had ordered some cornbread.


The cornbread was a little bit spicy but it was good.

Since it was Culinaria Restaurant week there was a special Culinaria three course menu to choose from. For the appetizer I chose the green salad with shaved radish, sweet onion, soft boiled egg, and white cheddar.


For my entree I went with the 44 Farms NY Strip with BBQ glace and whipped potatoes. I was a little worried about this at first because they were only preparing this medium rare but it came out more done than I was expecting. The NY Strip was good. It had a nice flavor to it. The BBQ was good but I personally feel like it wasn’t necessary.


Dessert was the milk cookies pot de creme.



Roxie ordered the same entree I did but for her first course she chose the oven roasted beets with Texas goat cheese, lemon, and thyme. She let me try one of the beets and they were really good. I’m not sure that I’ve ever had beets but I liked these.

southerleigh beets

Roxie also ordered a beer flight and the carrier it came in was really cute. The sides were carved to look like the building.

southerleigh flight


The boys both ordered fish sticks, which were actually fish fillets rather than sticks. JT ordered his with mashed potatoes and Connor ordered bananas.



The boys were also given pretzel dough to shape while we waited for our food. The pretzels were baked, cinnamon sugar was added, and they were given to them after dinner.


JT's pretzel- JT was trying to make a J with his.

JT’s pretzel- JT was trying to make a J with his.

Connor's pretzel- Connor's is a two-headed sea dragon.

Connor’s pretzel- Connor’s is a two-headed sea dragon.

Southerleigh doesn’t serve regular sodas. They have the Maine Root sodas. The boys both ordered root beer and I got a Mexican cola.

southerleigh root beer

They also have water on the tables in a Southerleigh bottles.


I really enjoyed our dinner at Southerleigh and would love to go back and try the other items on the menu.