San Antonio Aquarium

We visited the San Antonio Aquarium over the summer. The boys enjoyed it; they like looking at animals. I was not really impressed with it though.


The first part of the aquarium is a dinosaur exhibit but I don’t know why. That part just didn’t really make any sense to me. I’m just not sure what dinosaurs have to do with an aquarium.


Once you finish with the dinosaurs you can head downstairs to the actual aquarium. The first tank we looked in had an octopus and some starfish.



Then we looked at some fish and a horseshoe crab.




Next up was the stingray tank. The boys got food to feed them but they were too scared to actually let the stingrays eat from their hands.






So, one of the problems I had with this aquarium was that I felt they had too many touch/feed pools. I’m used to there being touch and feed stingray pools but almost every exhibit they had you could touch and feed the animals and I just personally thought it was too much. The other thing is that I think that if they want to have this much interaction they need to have more staff supervising these areas. I didn’t see anyone supervising the stingray pool and it is a fairly big pool.

Here are the hungry koi fish.

Here are the hungry koi fish.

Here is another feeding pool. This one is the shark pool.

Here is another feeding pool. This one is the shark pool.

There was this one really interesting looking fish. At first I didn’t think he was a real fish but then he moved.


Besides the fish, they had other animals as well.




I think these are cayman?

I think these are cayman?

Besides these guys there were also lorikeets, snakes, and parrots. They also had a sluice. The bags that you could buy for the sluice contained a lot of fool’s gold and the boys were happy with what they found.


So, the big question I think is would I go back? I might if the boys really really wanted to go but I wouldn’t suggest it on my own. The boys had fun but overall I really think that the San Antonio Aquarium could do a better job.