Cool San Antonio Parks- Miller's Pond Park

A few months ago we started a series on cool San Antonio parks and finally we are adding a second park. This another park that we hadn’t ever heard of until we went to a Thanksgiving party there. The park is Miller’s Pond.

Miller’s Pond is located in what I would say is the South West side of San Antonio near Lackland Air Force Base. Just as the name suggests the park features a pond. The pond is filled with fish and there were several people fishing while we were there.



There were also ducks hanging out around the pond.





There’s a trail that I believe goes around the entire pond but we didn’t try walking around it. The boys did enjoy playing on the playground though.



The park also has a community center, a basketball court, and a baseball field.


We enjoyed Miller’s Pond Park. The pond was nice and the boys enjoy looking at the ducks. With a basketball court, playground, fishing, and baseball field there are plenty of activities to enjoy.

Here’s the link to Miller’s Pond. Have fun at the park!