In Between 2 States in Texarkana

After a stop in Sulphur Springs for lunch we stopped in Texarkana for a night. Texarkana is in both Texas and Arkansas and I even picked a hotel on the state line.


When we arrived in Texarkana we stopped at both the Texas welcome center and the Arkansas welcome center for some pictures.

JT was busy eating his lollipop.

JT was busy eating his lollipop.



After the welcome centers we went to the United States Post Office and Courthouse which stands right on the state line. The boys took turns standing in opposite states and both states at the same time.





After that we attempted to find the largest Magnolia tree in Arkansas. We had a Texarkana map and the tree was marked on there but we drove around the cross streets and didn’t see it. We probably would’ve had better luck parking somewhere but I wasn’t sure exactly where it was so we drove by the streets to if we could tell where it was but we couldn’t so we gave up and went to eat dinner.

We ate at Bryce’s Cafeteria. It was okay. If anyone is familiar with Luby’s Cafeteria which is mainly a Texas thing, this is very similar. The setup is the same and the food served is very similar but with more of a cajun twist to it.








Later on the boys wanted something else to eat so we walked next door to Naaman’s BBQ and they got some brisket. There was something else they wanted, possibly ribs or sausage, but they were out so they just had the brisket. I believe both the brisket and barbecue sauce were pretty good.

I found it interesting that they were actually making the food in the truck.

I found it interesting that they were actually making the food in the truck.



After their snack that was pretty much the end of our day. We didn’t have much time in Texarkana but the boys enjoyed being able to be in two states at once. It was also kind of fun because as you drive down State Line Avenue on one side you’re in Texas but when you drive back the other way you’re in Arkansas.

The next morning we left Texarkana and headed out to Crater of Diamonds State Park.


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