Try the Red Rose Taverne. It's Delicious!

It’s been about 2 1/2 months since Disneyland transformed Pinocchio Village Haus into the Red Rose Tavern in honor of the live action Beauty and the Beast movie. We visited back in March and I had been wanting to write a small review but never got around to it…So, here it is.

We didn’t have definitive plans to go to the Red Rose Taverne and once I saw the lines to get in I figured we were’t even going to try.

Here was the line for lunch one day.

Here’s a picture from the other side.

Then on our last night we needed somewhere to eat. It was later in the evening during or right before the Main Street Electrical Parade so we thought that maybe there wouldn’t be many people there and we were correct. There was no line at all.

We took a look at the menu, ordered, got our food, and then went to find a table. The boys picked a table in front of Maurice’s cottage.

I ordered the Beast’s Burger. The boys just got cheeseburgers off the kid’s menu, Chip’s Dishes. We also ordered one of both desserts, the Grey Stuff Gâteau and Lemon Rose Cake.

I really enjoyed the Beast’s Burger. It was an Angus patty topped with slow cooked beef, Gruyère, carmelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and horseradish aïoli. I gave Connor a 1/4 of it but he didn’t care for the horseradish flavor. I however thought it was very flavorful and really delicious. The pommes frites it is served with are also very good and the boys loved those.

I only had about a bite of each dessert but the boys ate them and enjoyed them. The Grey Stuff Gâteau was red velvet cake with raspberry on top of a cookie and topped with the grey stuff. The Lemon Rose Cake surprised us. We were expecting cake because of the name and it wasn’t cake. We apparently didn’t read the description. The description is lemon mousse with strawberry-rose filling.

Overall, we enjoyed our visit to the Red Rose Tavern. The decor was great; you couldn’t tell that it’s actually Pinocchio’s Village Haus. Here are a few more pictures.

If you haven’t checked out the Red Rose Taverne, make sure to do so soon. It’s only here for a limited time.