Interactive Fun at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

After a fun and exciting tide pool walk on Cabrillo Beach, we explored the aquarium that led the walk- the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium (CMA). CMA isn’t particularly big but there is plenty to explore and many of the exhibits are hands-on.

We started off outside at the Whale Graveyard.

After taking a look at the various whale bones (and touching them), we moved on to the main exhibit hall. The exhibits are divided into Kelp Forests, Rocky Shores, Mudflats, Sandy Beaches, and Open Ocean.

After we went through the exhibit hall we went out to the exploration center and then to the aquatic nursery.

Even though we had already been out to the tide pools, the boys were excited to go to the touch pool so we went over as soon as it opened.

The boys weren’t the only ones excited about the touch pool. It seemed that everyone else had been waiting for it to open too. Once we left the touch pool the boys really wanted to go back to the exploration center but it was time for us to move on so we headed to the gift shop before leaving.

Visiting the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium was a nice addition to our trip. Although small, the boys really enjoyed all of the interactive elements that CMA had to offer. They could have spent more time exploring if we had been able to stay longer.

Are you planning an aquarium trip soon?