Prehistoric Fun at Dinosaur Ridge

If you or your kids are a fan of dinosaurs, we know of a place that you’re going to want to visit.

We spent a few days in Colorado and one of our days was started off with a visit Dinosaur Ridge. Dinosaur Ridge is located in Morrison which is right by Denver. I already knew that we wanted to take the guided bus tour so as soon as we arrived we went in to purchase tickets. There was a bus that was just about to arrive as we were getting our tickets so we hopped right in the line as soon as we got our tickets and just barely made it on the bus.

At our first stop, our tour guide explained the geology of the site and how to spot dinosaur bones. The bones are a different color from the rock. The color of the bones is more of a reddish brown color so they’re easy to spot.

When our tour guide was done speaking, we were able to take a few minutes to look around at the dinosaur bones and then if we wanted we could walk to the next location or we could get back on the bus. We decided to walk because there was an allasaur footprint displayed on the way and we wanted to look at it.

Our next stop was the Brontosaur Bulges. These were brontosaurus tracks but we look at them from underneath. So, instead of looking at it from above and seeing the imprint, we see the bulge that formed from the bottom.

Once we were done at the Brontosaur Bulges, we hopped back on the bus and headed to our last stop. Our tour guide pointed out some other interesting fossils and markings on the way. The first of which were the ripple marks made by wave currents. The other was the trace fossils such as burrows and feeding trails made by other plants and animals that lived on the coastline.

Our last stop was the dinosaur tracksite. There are about 330 individual footprints. There are tracks here from 3 different types of dinosaurs as well as crocodile swim marks.

Once we got back from our bus tour, we went into the visitor center to check out the exhibits. The exhibit hall is not big but there is a lot of interactive elements and a lot of information.

Dinosaur Ridge was so much fun. You don’t have to take the guided bus tour but we loved it and our tour guide was awesome. This is a must do for dinosaur fans.

What are your favorite Dinosaur places to visit?