Frontier Texas!

I imagine this is going to be short since I don’t remember it as well since it was almost a year ago.

We visited Frontier Texas! after attending the CALF Hop on Pop picnic last summer. We were able to get in for half off with our CALF passes. You can read about the CALF starting here on day 1 if you haven’t already.



Frontier Texas! starts you off with a short film before you continue on to the exhibit. I don’t remember many details about Frontier Texas! but what I do remember is that it’s pretty fun and I like the setup. I like that you can walk up to the different areas and instead of just reading the information you encounter a person that starts to tell you a story. I think they were introduced as spirit guides in the film at the beginning.


They seem as if they are talking directly to you and actually looks more real then it does in my picture. If I remember correctly the stories flow well throughout the entire exhibit and continue as you move forward. The museum tells the story of Texas. I want to say that it is mainly about this area of Texas. I remember there being a teepee, buffalo, information about Snyder, Texas, the Beehive Saloon, a stagecoach and a community toothbrush.






After you’re done looking at everything there is another film that has a 360° screen. You sit in the middle of the room on a wooden stool. It does get dark at first and there are some loud noises as wolves and Native Americans attack. Connor was a little scared about this part because it was so loud but it didn’t last long and he was fine.


After that we went to look around in the gift shop and then went outside. They have a big buffalo sculpture that kids can crawl in so the boys took pictures in it and also in the picture thing with the face cut-out that I don’t know the word for. I tried to an internet search to figure out what they’re called but it seems that nobody knows.



I think that Frontier Texas! is definitely a place you need to visit if you go to Abilene. However, I’ve read that they just opened up a new exhibit following a big renovation so I’m sure it’s even better now.

So, I am now update on my blogs about Abilene for the most part…at least until next month.

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