Abilene CALF 2012 Day 4

Moving on to the final day of the Abilene CALF 2012. (Read days 1, 2, and 3)

This will be short since there was only one CALF event this day, the Hop on Pop picnic at the Abilene Zoo. We went to visit my grandparents one last time before heading to the picnic. The picnic was under a pavilion inside the zoo and they had a catering company grilling burgers. We also received chips and a drink with our burgers. The line for the food was pretty long though so my mom waited in line for the burgers and I took the boys to play in the bounce house.



Once we got our food we sat down to eat and then it was almost time for the reading of Hop on Pop. After the reading they had a bowtie craft for the kids to do. JT wasn’t interested in listening to the reading this time though or making the bowtie so I just rode him around in his stroller for a little bit.





I think the picnic was a nice way to end the festival and we really enjoyed the CALF. I forgot to mention that the day before when the boys purchased their stuffed animals they also had the buttons on sale so we purchased the ones that we knew we would not be able to get that way we would have a full set. The boys also received a prize, a little bookmark, for doing something but unfortunately I don’t remember what it was.


We also went to Frontier Texas! after the picnic but since this is the end of the CALF I think I will end this here and write about Frontier Texas! on its own. You can also visit the website for the Abilene CALF here if you’d like more information on it.

We are really look forward to this year’s festival which is coming up very soon and I promise to not wait so long to write about it.