MorningStar Farms House Party

If you read my post from a few days ago you’ll know that I was selected to host a MorningStar Farms Feel Good Grilling House Party. House Party and MorningStar Farms sent me some items to help me host my party. You can see them here if you didn’t already read it.

The party was today and it just so happens that the weekend of the House Party was the same weekend the boys were having their birthday party so I combined them. I was able to purchase four boxes of Morningstar Farms burgers.

MorningStarFarms burgers

We grilled the burgers and cut them in half to make sure that everyone would get to try them and it worked out perfectly. Everyone really enjoyed the burgers and was surprised to know that these are veggie burgers.

Samsung 011

Samsung 012

Samsung 016

Samsung 019

At the end of party we gave everyone their tote bags with coupons for $1 off a MorningStar Farms product along with a recipe from MorningStar Farms for Parmesan-Mustard topped burgers. There were other items in the tote bags that weren’t really MorningStar Farms related. The other items were a kit to grow crystals, Skylander coloring pages, a treat bag of M&Ms, some crayons, and stickers.

Samsung 120

Samsung 121

The MorningStar Farms burgers that I purchased were the Grillers Prime. The description on the box says “savory grilled prime burger flavor” so I figured that these would be good starters to try. There are a whole bunch of other MorningStar Farms burgers such as Spicy Black Bean, Tomato & Basil Pizza, Garden Veggie, and Mushroom Lover’s. After having tried the Grillers Prime I have to say that they are really pretty good. I can’t say that they taste exactly like the burgers that I usually make but they do taste like regular meat burgers. In my opinion with these veggie burgers you won’t miss having real meat. I think that I would be interested in trying some of the other burger varieties that they have to offer.

I’m glad that I was able to host this party and try MorningStar Farms burgers for free. If you are interested in checking out House Party to see if there are any parties that you might like to host you can take a look at their website here.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    The burgers tasted great! Glad i tried them!

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