B-Daman Battle Master House Party Pack

I’ve gotten very behind on writing new posts but I’ll try to catch up now starting with our party pack we received for the B-Daman Battle Master House Party we will be having next weekend.

If you’ve read my other House Party posts you should probably know what it is and if not here is the website.

This time we were chosen to host a B-Daman Battle Master party. We received the party pack three days ago and Connor is super excited about it.

Samsung 027

Samsung 030

We received the B-Daman Crossfire Break Bomber Battlefield Set which came with two exclusive figures (Thunder Dracyan and Lightning Dravise), the B-Daman Crossfire Surge Strike Arena, four basic figures (Thunder Dracyan, Lightning Fin, Lightning Scorpio, and Thunder Leo), a coupon for a free marble refill, a coupon for a buy one figure get one free, 10 $4 0ff coupons, 10 Thunder Dracyan cards, and a B-Daman Crossifire DVD.

We already used the BOGO coupon and the marble refill coupon. I purchased the Strike Cobra figure with True Aim Barrel and we got Strike Avian free. Connor picked the orange and blue marble refill pack because it matched Strike Avian.

So, that is our party pack. There will be more to come about B-Daman soon.

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