Oklahoma City Zoo

On JT’s birthday we visited the Oklahoma City Zoo. This zoo is huge. We barely made a dent in it. We started off at the Children’s Zoo, which is right in front, because they were having a storytime. Storytime is Tuesdays in June and July at Grandma’s Porch. They gave all the kids a snack to eat while they listened to the story.

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After the story one of the zookeepers came to talk to them about Hedgehogs. I don’t think I had ever actually seen a hedgehog before (other then Sonic) and it was really cute. I wish that they boys had wanted to get in line to see it so I could take a picture but they didn’t. 🙁

After that they could go get a whale craft. They were able to make it there or take it home and the boys wanted to take it home.

After they picked up their whale craft we looked around the Children’s Zoo a little bit. The Lorikeet exhibit is in the Children’s Zoo and the boys wanted to go in there and feed them but they weren’t open yet so we never got back to it.

We did see other birds in the children’s zoo though. We saw flamingoes and parrots.

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There were also a bunch of peacocks just roaming around.

This white peacock was hanging out on top of a building.

This white peacock was hanging out on top of a building.

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This peacock was blocking my way...he was standing in the middle of the sidewalk and I couldn't get the stroller through.

This peacock was blocking my way…he was standing in the middle of the sidewalk and I couldn’t get the stroller through.

Here are some other pictures from inside the Children’s Zoo:

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After the Children’s Zoo we walked over to the Aquarium. On the way there they had a little butterfly garden and Connor took his picture as a butterfly.

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When we finally made it to the Aquarium we saw the sea lions first outside. They also have a sea lion show but not on Tuesdays so unfortunately we didn’t get to see it.

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Then we went inside to the touch pool and to look at the other fish.

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Then we saw some meerkats.

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Then the boys took a picture in another one of those things with the holes.

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After that we ate lunch but apparently I didn’t take a single picture so I must’ve been really hungry. We got cripsy tacos and they were actually really good. The boys got a kids meal with animal shaped chicken nuggets. They also got ICEEs.

After lunch we rode on the train. The train took us near the Giraffes and Zebras and into the exhibit with the deer. I don’t remember what kind of deer they were but they don’t look like any deer I have ever seen. There also weren’t any that were rally close to us. I took a picture of the ones hanging out in the mud.

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Once we got off the train the boys got Dippin’ Dots and we looked at the animals that were near the giraffes because they wanted to feed the giraffes and we had to wait for feeding time.



I'm not sure what this is but it was with the Okapi.

I’m not sure what this is but it was with the Okapi.

The boys with their Dippin' Dots and a Zebra in the background.

The boys with their Dippin’ Dots and a Zebra in the background.





A few minutes before feeding time the giraffes started walking towards the feeding platform. I guess they know when it’s time to eat. After the giraffes started walking over everyone got in line. The giraffes are fed pieces of lettuce and you get 3 pieces each. I think that the giraffe that the boys fed was named Bogie but I’m not positive.

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After feeding the giraffes we left the zoo. There are a whole bunch of other animals that we didn’t see because the zoo is so big but it was nice and we enjoyed it.

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