Get Your Pops on Route 66

We went to Pops on Route 66 in Oklahoma for dinner on JT’s birthday. Pops is not actually in Oklahoma City, it’s in Arcadia but it’s really close.

Pops is a gas station and a restaurant. They have a big soda bottle outside that lights up and they have rows of soda bottles lined up the wall. I was actually hoping to go when it was dark so we could see the bottle lit up but it just gets dark too late during the summer for the boys.

Pops is easy to find, you can’t miss the giant soda bottle.

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According to their website they have over 600 sodas. When we arrived we sat down at a booth and then went to the coolers to pick out sodas. The sodas we ended up with were Jolt Cherry Bomb, Route 66 Lime Soda, Saranac Shirley Temple, and Joia Pineapple Coconut & Nutmeg.

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I originally wanted a cherry soda but since both boys ended up with cherry I figured I’d better get something else. So, I decided to look at the pineapple sodas and I thought that pineapple coconut sounded good but I wasn’t so sure about the nutmeg part. I decided to try it anyways. It was actually pretty good but I must say that I think it would have been better without the nutmeg. The nutmeg was only a light flavor and the pineapple coconut came through more.

I didn’t try the lime soda but I did try the two cherry ones. I liked the Shirley Temple but not the Cherry Bomb. I don’t really remember much about the flavors, I just know that I didn’t like the Cherry Bomb and neither did Connor.

I wanted to take a picture of Connor with the rows of soda bottles in the background. We weren’t centered perfectly but you can kind of imagine the rest of it I think. The building was all these glass windows and they slanted in like a pyramid and then all the sodas were in rows all the way up.

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The boys got a corn dog with fruit. I actually have a picture of JT with his corn dog and you can see the rows of sodas also.

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My mom and I had burgers. I had read that onion burgers are very popular in Oklahoma so I ordered an onion burger. We also ordered fries for everyone to share.

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From what I’ve read I think that Pops probably makes their onion burger a bit differently from other places but it was good. Once we were done eating I had the boys go stand by the soda bottle so I could take their picture but I had a really difficult time getting the entire bottle in the picture.

You can almost see everything in this picture.  The only thing you can't see is the bendy part of the straw.

You can almost see everything in this picture. The only thing you can’t see is the bendy part of the straw.