Making Muffins

Last week Connor and I made Blueberry Banana Key Lime Muffins. I was searching for a recipe to use some key limes when I came across a recipe for blueberry banana key lime muffins. You can find it here. The pictures looked great and we also had plenty of blueberries.

Typically JT is the one that likes to help me cook but this day Connor wanted to help. I let him pick the cupcake liners and he decided to go with some Christmas ones. While he put them in the muffin pan I gathered the ingredients for him. First he stirred the dry ingredients together- flour, baking powder, and salt- and then he mashed the bananas.

Samsung 018

Samsung 019

After Connor was done mashing up the bananas he added in the eggs, brown sugar, and melted butter while I zested the key lime. He got tired of waiting though so he told me I could do the rest of it. I added in the juice and zest from the key lime and the vanilla and then mixed it by hand because I have no idea where my mixer went. Then I added in the blueberries and filled up the muffin pan.

The batter

The batter

Connor came back to sprinkle the sugar and key lime zest mixture to the top of each before I put them in the oven.

The muffins came out wonderfully, I loved them. I need to learn to take better food pictures but this is what I have:

Samsung 021

Samsung 023

Samsung 024

This was my first time making muffins and I have to say that I think it was a pretty successful first try.

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  1. mydearbakes says:

    Awww, this looks so fabulous! Great bake you have there! =)