Connor and the Trash Pack

So, I don’t have any pictures today of Connor with the Trash Pack but I do have videos.  Connor loves watching videos on YouTube about Skylanders, Trash Pack, and other toys that he likes and he decided yesterday that he wanted to do his own.

So that is what we did.  Connor got a couple of new packs from the Trash Pack and he wanted to do unboxing videos with them.  We did four videos yesterday and one today.  He has plans to do at least one more tomorrow.  For his first video he unboxed a UFT (Ultimate Fighting Trashies) pack.

His other videos include series 2 of the Trash Pack and the new Gross Ghosts.  JT is also in two of the videos.  We still have to do part 2 of that first video.

Thanks for reading and I hope you take a look at his other videos because he’s super excited about them.