Wyndham Garden Hotel, Oklahoma City

While in Oklahoma City we stayed at the Wyndham Garden Hotel.  This wasn’t my first choice of hotel or area but I decided that I was going to try Priceline with this one.  I don’t rememeber why I decided to do this but I did.

I figured out that it would be fairly easy to use the Name Your Own Price feature on Priceline and narrow down which hotels you would get.  I compared the maps on the Name Your Own Price feature to the map listing of available hotels on their regular find a hotel thing.  I was only doing 3.5 stars and up…there were only three or four 3.5 star hotels available and one 4 star hotel available and I decided that any of these would be okay for the price.

Well, the hotel was just that…it was okay.  I will say that my overall experience was better here then at the Courtyard in Abilene.  The hotel was located near the airport and at first it doesn’t seem like a great area but there are a bunch of hotels around and quite a few restaurants so it was okay.  The negative to this was that we were approached by someone in the parking lot of the hotel asking for money.  This has never happened to me in a hotel parking lot before.

The hotel itself is only has two floors but it’s pretty big and I think they could use another elevator.  The middle of the hotel was open and the pool and the fitness center were here.

Samsung 111

Samsung 112

All of the rooms had a mini fridge and a microwave which is nice to have.

Samsung 110

The other thing that I liked about the hotel was that have room service. I am a fan of room service but I wasn’t impressed with the hotel’s restaurant. I didn’t eat in there but I had to go ask them for a menu because we were supposed to have a menu for room service in our room but we didn’t have one. The restaurant…I believe it was called Juniper’s…was dark and uninviting. It wasn’t like a romantic type of dark that some restaurants have, it was just kind of gloomy dark, it didn’t make me want to eat there. For room service we just ordered the boys breakfast.

Samsung 012

Some other negatives about this hotel were that one of the parking lot floods. It was the one that we could see from our window and luckily I didn’t park in that one. Also, the staff weren’t all the friendly and the hotel needs some work. If you look at the pictures of the pool and fitness center you’ll notice that some of the roof tiles are falling or missing. This was only the case in this area but it definately needs to be fixed.

I seem to have more negatives then positives at this hotel but even still it was okay. Like I said above I think the overall experience was better then the Courtyard by Marriot in Abilene but I wouldn’t choose to stay at either one again.