Connor & JT’s Adventures in Snack Making

Yesterday and today the boys have been really into making snacks.  Yesterday I gave them some Havarti cheese, grapes, and crackers and Connor put a little slice of cheese and a grape on each cracker.  He arranged them really nicely but I didn’t take a picture of those.  He said he was calling it crackers and dessert.  After that he decided that he was going to make some snacks every day.

Yesterday he also made these snacks:



JT wanted to make some also. Here is his:


Once they were done making their snacks Connor started thinking about what other stuff he could make. He came up with a spider snack for Halloween and had me write down his recipe so he wouldn’t forget it.

Today they each made different snacks. Connor said he was going to make a fruit sandwich because fruit is favorite thing. He got out an apple and a peach. I sliced them for him and then he cut shapes out of them. I also cut some slices of bread for them and he spread peanut butter on mine and JT’s and left his without.



JT got out all the ingredients he wanted for his snack: a tomato, an onion, some fresh oregano, and a lime. He also asked me to get him the salt and pepper. I chopped everything for him and he put it all in a bowl, added a lot of pepper and a little bit of salt and then he said he needed to mash it some and then stir it. He basically made salsa without any heat.



So, that was their adventures in snack making for the past two days and I’ll have to wait and see what they make tomorrow.