The Ice Cream Truck

The ice cream truck passed by our house today. I don’t remember exactly when the last time the boys got something from the ice cream truck but I’m sure it was over a year ago.

Connor has been looking forward to the ice cream truck for a long time. From time to time throughout the year he reminds me that we need to keep an eye out for the ice cream truck and has asked me if I think it still comes on Wednesdays. Of course I had no idea whether or not it still came on Wednesdays or if it even comes at all because we never see it. For a truck that drives so slow it sure is difficult to catch.

Well, today I was in the kitchen and I heard the music loud and clear. I checked out the window real quick to see where it was and it was just driving around the cul-de-sac coming our way. Of course it would be 10 minutes before the boys were supposed to start getting ready for bed but I figured it was worth it to let them stay up a little longer. I told the boys and they were super excited. I tried to get them to get their shoes on quickly so they could go outside but they didn’t want to because they were afraid that they would miss it if they stopped to put their shoes on. I had figured I could go outside to make sure it stops while they get their shoes on but they were just too excited. So, I opened the door and carried Connor out first and just as we got out the door the truck was about to pass by our house and Connor yelled “Wait!”. The ice cream man heard him and reversed so that he could pull up by the curb.

I took Connor out to the truck and he picked out a Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream. I paid for two ice creams and then took Connor back inside and brought JT out to pick his. JT wanted the Ninja Turtles ice cream.

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The boys were very happy with their ice creams, they had been waiting a very long time for them.

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