Santa’s Wonderland at Bass Pro Shop

Bass Pro Shop Santa's Wonderland: Free Santa pictures and activities for kids.

This isn’t only a Texas thing but stop number 5 of our Texas Christmas Tour was Bass Pro Shop.

Bass Pro Shop is a good place to go to take a picture with Santa. You get one free printed picture per family and this year we even got a free picture frame. They also have activities set up for the kids like shooting galleries and crafts.

Christmas at Bass Pro Shop: Free Santa pictures and activities for kids.

Bass Pro Shop Christmas: Free Santa pictures with frame and free activities for kids.

Bass Pro Shop also has other activities for kids throughout the year. It’s a good place to go if you’re looking for something to do with your kids.

Have you ever gone to Bass Pro Shop for Santa pictures?

It Snowed!

It snowed!!

It never snows in San Antonio so we were really surprised when we looked out the window last week and it was snowing. Not only was it snowing, but the snow was also sticking.

The boys were so excited because this was their first time seeing snow so of course we had to hurry outside to play. They built a small snowman and had a snowball fight. I also made sure to wake them up extra early the next morning so they could play for a few minutes before it melted.

Here are a few of our pictures:

I usually do not like the cold at all but the snow was so pretty. We loved the way everything looked covered in white and we sat on the sofa and watched it fall. I had never seen snow here myself either so it was fun.

Did you get to see the snow in South Texas?

Vote for Duck!- The Magik Theatre Presents Duck for President (Review & Giveaway!)

*Disclaimer: We were provided with complimentary tickets to see Duck for President. All opinions are our own honest opinions.*

This weekend we visited The Magik Theatre for their season opener. The Magik Theatre, located in downtown San Antonio, strives to bring children’s literature to life. Duck for President, written by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Betsy Lewin, is the latest book that they have brought to the stage. The play is adapted by James E. Grote. Music and lyrics are by George Howe and it is directed by Frances Limoncelli.



Here are the boys excitedly waiting for the show to begin.

Here are the boys excitedly waiting for the show to begin.

The boys and I truly enjoyed this play. We’ve been to several of the plays at The Magik Theatre and Duck for President tops my favorites.

The play features Farmer Brown and his animals, Pig, Hen, Cow, and of course, Duck. We watch as Duck decides to run for Farmer, Governor, and President. Each time he thinks that being in charge is going to be a lot of fun but then realizes the jobs are actually hard.

The show was cute and funny and the boys had fun quacking along. There are plenty of songs and jokes incorporated into the play and we were smiling and laughing throughout the entire show.

The show is about an hour long and when it’s over the actors line up by the theatre entrance to sign autographs and take pictures.

Farmer Brown

Farmer Brown









Connor and JT Say:

I’m putting both boys together because JT told me that he was going to say exactly what Connor said.

“I loved Duck for President! I love Farmer Brown and Duck! The play was really funny. Duck for President and Flat Stanley are my favorites so far.”

Duck for President will be running at the Magik Theatre through November 6, 2016. We highly recommend checking out this fun show. We’ve also been provided with a gift certificate good for 4 tickets to any showing of Duck for President for one lucky reader!
To enter the giveaway leave a comment letting us know that you want to vote for Duck. Also, make sure to leave us a comment on our Facebook page for another chance to win.

We’ll be taking entries through Wednesday October 12th, 2016 at 11:59 pm central and a winner will be randomly selected and notified on Thursday October 13th.

Congratulations to our winner, Erika!


Review- Golden Groundhog's 100 Pokemon Cards with 2 Ultra Rare Legendary Pokemon

Have you ever purchased a Pokemon card lot from Golden Groundhog? We received a free lot in exchange for an honest review. As always, opinions are 100% my own. The lot we received is their 100 card lot that contains 2 ultra rare legendary Pokemon cards.


The lot we received had a really great variety of cards. There was a good assortment of all the different Pokemon types. The only type that we received very few of was the Steel but that seems to always be one of the rarest types. I think that it is the type that the boys have the least of.

Here is the full set that we received:


As you can see, there is plenty of every type. If you noticed, there are also 3 cards on the top that are not Pokemon. Each Golden Groundhog pack comes with 3 of their own special Golden Groundhog token cards. While they aren’t Pokemon, they are something extra that you receive and you could probably use them as an extra added element to your Pokemon game.



This particular lot promised 2 ultra rare cards. The cards we received were the Rayquaza EX and the Yveltal EX. The boys were pretty excited about both of these cards.


Overall I think that this lot of Pokemon cards is a pretty good set. The boys received a lot of cards that they didn’t have and we received a really great variety. You can find this lot on Amazon. The cards won’t be exactly the same but you should receive a similar assortment. If your kid is a Pokemon fan like Connor and JT then I’m sure they’d love this Pokemon pack.


Trying Out Playmation by Disney

On Sunday morning we headed out to the Disney Store so the boys could participate in a demo (orientation) of Playmation. When it was time for the orientation to start we were greeted by two members of the Avengers Labs team and the boys were given their mission briefing packets.



Once they had their packets we were told that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner had created Repulsor Gear in order to recruit others to fight alongside the Avengers. Once the boys introduced themselves to Jarvis and got the Repulsor Gear fitted on them they were taught a few of the moves.



Then we were shown the Power Activators and the boys started their training with Captain America.



Once they were done training with the Captain they went up against Iron Skull. Once Iron Skull was defeated the Avengers Labs team member tried to contact Jarvis but instead we got Ultron and the boys had to go defeat a few waves of Ultron bots.







At the end of the orientation the boys got Avengers lanyards, Avengers cards, and an ID card. Once we got in the car the boys opened the briefing packet and they got an Avengers Playmation comic book.


The boys thought it was fun and are super excited for Playmation to come out on October 4th. Has anyone else gone to a Playmation demo at the Disney Store?

Giving Thanks Giveaway

It is time for Giving Thanks!

Now is the time when friends and families get together to give thanks for all the wonderful things they’ve been given throughout the year. We Three Moms (Anderson’s Angels, The Joy of Mama Joyner and The More The Merrier), are so very thankful for our families and everything we have, we’ve joined with over 100 other wonderful bloggers, to bring you another huge giveaway event! I am excited to be one of these bloggers able to offer this giveaway. One winner will take home all of the prizes we’ve managed to put together (it’s almost $600 in prizes!) for The Giving Thanks Giveaway! Make sure to check out all the prizes and then scroll down and click on the entry form link. Good luck to everyone!

Giving Thanks Prize Collage

We’ve gathered prizes for the whole family! Here is a list of our Sponsors & the prizes ~

Giant Microbes – ornament set – $24.95
King Arthur Flour – baking set -$45.80
Misto – 1 stainless steel Misto – $14.99
Meal Measure – 1 Meal Measure – $12.98
Pixtagram – 3 sets of 10 magnets – $36
Chef’s Planet – 1 Flavor Enhancer – $45
SoapBox Soaps – 1 Autumn Bundle Set – $23.80
Emerson Creek Pottery – Blue Crab Pie Plate – $31
DK Books – 2 Books – $20
Game Chef – Rollick & Been There Done That Games – $49.98
Lille Rabbagast – Monkey Toys – $20
Rollors – Rollors Game – $50
Zike Bike – Z100 – $249
It’s exciting isn’t it? Come enter to win! You never know, you may be the ONE to win every single prize!


DIsclosure: Anderson’s Angels, Joy Of Momma Joyner, The More The Merrier, and all other participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. The sponsors will send the prizes directly to the winner. We are also not responsible for any unfortunate accidents that result from the use of any of these products.

TMNT & Star Wars Get Pop-Cultured Events

Barnes & Noble has been having some Get Pop-Cultured events this month and we went to two in the past week. The first event was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ninja Training. The description for the event said you could wear your TMNT costume. JT didn’t want to wear anything but Connor wore a TMNT mask that they had and then about 10 minutes before we were going to leave he wanted one of the weapons, the wrist, elbow, and knee pads and the belt. So, I did the best I could in 10 minutes. I told him we were going to skip the knee pads and the only weapons I could make were nunchucks.

You can't tell in the picture but there is a string connecting the nunchucks.  If I had more time I would have made it look like a chain.

You can’t tell in the picture but there is a string connecting the nunchucks. If I had more time I would have made it look like a chain.

When we got to Barnes & Noble I signed the boys in and then waited for the event to start. The first thing they had to do once they started the event was a maze.



Once they completed the maze they turned it in and then they each had to tell a joke before they could move on to the next table which was a word scramble. The word scramble was pretty easy except for one word. Apparently the Ninja Turtles don’t say Cowabunga anymore; instead they say Booyakasha and I did not know that.

Once the word scramble was complete they went over to another table where they picked which turtle they wanted to be their master or trainer or sensei. I’m not really sure which word they used exactly but they colored their chosen turtle and then received a piece of fabric that matched their chosen ninja turtle so that they could make a mask. Both boys picked Leonardo. Once that was complete they went back to the table to color a medallion which they cut out and placed on a string to wear.





After everyone was done they gave out certificates and then drew prizes. JT got TMNT bubbles and Connor got a TMNT kite.




The second event we went to was a Star Wars Jedi Academy event. When the event started they had one table set up with a sheet of trivia questions and another set up with coloring sheets, a maze, a crossword puzzle, a word search, and a connect the dots sheet. The boys did the trivia first. Connor answered the ones he knew and then copied JT’s paper. I answered JT’s. There were 40 questions. The front was pretty easy but the back was more difficult for me. We missed about 7 out of the 40.


Once they were done with the trivia JT moved on to the Lego table and Connor did the Chewbacca craft.



Once Connor was done with the Chewbacca craft he wanted to do the maze, crossword puzzle, and the connect the dots sheet. JT finished up his Lego piece and then did a coloring sheet. The Lego creations were going to be displayed somewhere in the store so the kids put their names with their creations.



After that Connor decided that he wanted to go do the Legos and then JT wanted to do another one.







After that we left and on the way out the boy each got two Star Wars posters and got to pick a Star Wars Jedi Academy button/pin. JT picked C3PO and Connor picked Yoda. I really liked these events and would like to take the boys to more things like this. I’ll be keeping a closer eye now on the Barnes & Noble website for events.

Play Nintendo Tour 2014

We went to the Play Nintendo Tour in Grapevine last month. There were six different areas setup for the different games plus a Mario Kart Tournament area. You could also meet a couple of the different characters like Mario or Donkey Kong but we didn’t have much time to spend here so we missed them but they boys still got to play all the games a little bit.

I apologize for some of the pictures being a little blurry.  My camera is broken so all new pictures after mid June are taken with my phone.  Sometimes they're good and other times not so much.

I apologize for some of the pictures being a little blurry. My camera is broken so all new pictures after mid June are taken with my phone. Sometimes they’re good and other times not so much.

The boys each got a card with the six different areas on it and after playing a little and answering a trivia question they got that section signed. Once all six areas were completed they got two coins for the crane machine.

They started off in the Pokémon X and Y section. I should probably also mention that the Play Nintendo Tour was featuring the Nintendo 2DS so that’s what all games were played on. At this area the boys were asked if they could name one of the Pokémon. This question was easy enough, I think that anyone could name Pikachu.




After that we moved on to Kirby Triple Deluxe. The guy here was gone for a while and when he came back he didn’t ask the boys a question, he just signed their card.




Next they went to the Donkey Kong Country Returns section. This section had banana shaped bean bag chairs to sit on. I noticed that the girl here was asking a lot of questions so since the boys aren’t familiar with Donkey Kong I gave them a brief overview.




The next section we went to was The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two World. I’ve never played Zelda before so I don’t really know anything about it but the girl here was helpful and tried to help them figure out the answers.





After Zelda we moved onto Yoshi’s New Island which is what the boys had been waiting for. In the Yoshi section they had some really cute Yoshi egg chairs. We had checked a couple of times to see if any were available but they weren’t and actually there was one little girl in one that had been there the entire time and even after we left she still hadn’t given up her chair. I think that Connor’s question here was what does Yoshi use to fight with and I believe JT got asked what color Yoshi is or maybe it was what does Yoshi come out of… I’m don’t quite remember.


This was where Connor had to sit before a Yoshi egg became available.

This was where Connor had to sit before a Yoshi egg became available.

JT had to stand.

JT had to stand.

Super excited to sit in the Yoshi egg chair.

Super excited to sit in the Yoshi egg chair.



The last section was Super Mario 3D Land. The boys know Mario but they’ve never played it before so I also gave them a little background here. Connor got asked who the bad guy is and I had told him who it was but he forgot. I’m thinking that this is actually where JT got the color question, what color does Mario wear.


The boys both stood here first.

The boys both stood here first.

Then a block seat became available so JT sat.

Then a block seat became available so JT sat.

After that they went to the crane machine but neither of them got anything. The boys had a fun playing all the games and now Connor of course wants a Nintendo 2DS.

California Delicious Giveaway

California Delicious Giveaway
June 6-10, 2014
Open to US

Are you in need of a reason to celebrate? If so, come take a look at this delicious giveaway. There are three great gift basket choices from California Delicious- cheese, tea, and coffee. I know which one is my favorite but which one will you pick?

Bringing You Moments To Celebrate

Gourmet Cheeseboard Gift BasketsSponsored by California Delicious
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Summer is a good time for many things for us to do: to relax, to regain energy and health; spend more time outdoors and take planned or unplanned quick trips to restore our inside balance and peace. Do remember to pamper yourself in small, yet significant ways. A gift basket would be a great way to dive into a myriad of tastes.
California Delicious has thought of every type of gift basket there’s out there! For chocolate lovers – there are plenty arrangements with chocolate treats just for them. For those who are looking for a gift for a specific occasion – they will find one for Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Holidays.
What are you hungry for today? We’d like to offer choices in the Gourmet Cheeses, Teas, and Coffees. It’ll be up to a winner to make that choice.

Tea Coffee Gourmet Gift Baskets

To tease you a bit more, here’s what’s inside of those baskets you see in the pictures.

Gourmet Cheeseboard Gift Baskets
Gourmet goodies are beautifully presented upon a wooden cutting board. This lovely gift contains chocolate chip cookies, smoked almonds, gourmet snack mix, cheddar cheese, a cheese knife, flatbread crisps, Napa Valley mini mustard, chocolate biscotti and Tazo tea. All presented on a wooden cheeseboard and tied with a fresh, spring bow.
Gourmet Tea Gift Baskets
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Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets
Each basket carries variety of different coffees and biscotti assortment. All ready to be opened up and and enjoyed.

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**Rafflecopter Giveaway**


Trashie Giveaway- Ends 10/21/13

Hi everyone!

I’ve mentioned before that Connor had been wanting to do a Trashie giveaway and we finally made the giveaway live.

This giveaway is for a set of 12 Trashies. 10 of them are extras that the boys got from Trash Pack sets that they opened but they haven’t been played with; every time they got an extra they put it aside with all the other extras for giveaways. They will either be in a bag if they came that way or in a trash can. There will also be a new 2 pack of Trashies that haven’t been opened that we purchased for the giveaway.

If you’d like to enter please click to view the video in YouTube and leave a comment to enter or you can comment here. Let us know what your favorite trashie is from this set.

Comments will be accepted until 10/21/13 at 2pm Central time and a video will be posted at 5pm central time the same day announcing the winner.

If we can get a good amount of entries we will also add a new giveaway the same day for a set of Ghost Trashies from the Mystery Pack.

Good Luck!