Rainforest Cafe Galveston

I’m finally getting around to doing this post about the Rainforest Cafe in Galveston. I had planned on doing it much sooner but have gotten behind because our air conditioner hasn’t worked since we got back.

I stated before in my post about the Rainforest Cafe in Grapevine that we were going to go to the one in Galveston. We did go, however, we didn’t end up eating there. The wait was 40 minutes and both Connor and my mom didn’t want to wait. It was so packed anyways and difficult to move around in the gift shop.

This Rainforest Cafe is much bigger then any of the others we’ve been to. The parking lot is in the back but we walked around the front because I wanted to be able to actually see the building…it’s a volcano.

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The restaurant also has a river adventure ride.

The back of the building by the parking lot.

The back of the building by the parking lot.

The side of the building

The side of the building

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The ride takes you around a river and there are different animals just like in the actual restaurant. You ride in one of those round rafts so it spins as you go down the river. It looks as if you might get wet but you don’t. For some reason JT was scared to get on but then he liked it.

The ride was the first thing we did so maybe had we not done that first there would have been less of a wait but maybe not.

They also had Cha! Cha! the tree frog walking around which is something I haven’t seen before at Rainforest Cafe. The boys didn’t get to take a picture with him though because it was too crowded.

Since we didn’t end up eating here the next day we ate at the Rainforest Cafe in Katy which is similar to the Grapevine one. I will write about it soon.