October Ogre Activities

I mentioned here about the Virtual Book Club for Kids when I wrote about JT’s activities for October but I never got around to writing Connor’s. I should have written it in October but since I didn’t I’m doing it now. It will be fairly short though.

Connor’s October book was The Calendar Mysteries: October Ogre. The book was a really easy read. We read half of it one day and the other half the next. It took us less than an hour total to read it.

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In the book the kids had to follow some glowing green footprints so I had told Connor that I could buy some glow-in-the-dark paint and he could make footprints. The day I bought the glow-in-the-dark paint he got himself a piece of paper and tested it to see if it would really glow in the dark and it worked so then he got another piece of paper and started painting his footprints all by himself.

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The kids also receive “yummy fingers” to eat. In the book they are cookies with raspberry frosting so I asked Connor what he thought ours should be and he said cookies. So, we made sugar cookies, green glaze, and cherries to make kind of witch looking fingers. They don’t look exactly like fingers but I could tell what they were supposed to be and they tasted good so that’s the important part.

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So that was what Connor did, I thought of a few other things that he could’ve done but we didn’t get around to doing them. This month’s theme for the chapter books is fairy tales so Connor is reading Half Upon a Time by James Riley. This is a much longer book but hopefully we’ll be done soon enough that I can actually write the activities in November. For JT’s the author this month is Karma Wilson so JT is going to read Bear Says Thanks. We have some other bear books by Karma Wilson but I figured that one would be perfect for Thanksgiving. Look for that post to be up soon. Thanks for reading.