Valentine Dragon Mailbox

Happy Valentine’s everyone! I thought I would share with you Connor’s Valentine dragon mailbox that we made.


We used scrapbook paper to make everything because that is what we had on hand. First we found a shoebox and I cut a big slot into the top and then we covered the bottom part with the paper and then the top.


Next we made scales by cutting triangles out of the paper and folding the bottom part so that they would stand.



For the wings I drew them how he said he wanted them and then we cut them out and folded the part that attaches to the box. We attached them to the top of the box.


The tail was a little trickier, I wasn’t sure how we were going to make it stay up but the boys had just made Taiwan lanterns a few days before so I decided to base the tail on that one.

These are the Taiwan lanterns.

These are the Taiwan lanterns.

The kit for the lanterns had two pieces for the tail and each piece had tabs that connected the pieces together so that’s what we did. I drew 2 tail pieces with tabs and then we just cut them out and folded and taped the tabs together.

I didn't take a picture when we put the tail on but you can see it here.

I didn’t take a picture when we put the tail on but you can see it here.

The head was the other tricky part. I wasn’t sure how to make this part at all so we waited till the next day to do it that way I could think about it. I thought about also making it kind of like the lantern’s head but that seemed a little to complicated so then I decided to Google 3D dragon heads and I found some origami ones but Connor didn’t like those. After that I decided to try searching for dragon valentine mailboxes and found a picture of one that used a simple cutout of the top part of the mouth glued to the top of the box and the bottom part glued to the bottom so we decided something similar to that would be best. So we cut out bottom and top head piece and Connor drew a tongue on the bottom part and I drew a nose on the top part. Next we made teeth for each side and we attached the top to the top of the box and the bottom we inserted under the lid. Then we cut out eye pieces and colored hearts inside them and attached them on the same way as the spikes. After that we added the fire. Connor wanted to use straws for the fire so we cut 2 red straws in half and hot glued hearts to the front of them.



So, that is Connor’s Valentine Dragon mailbox. He blows hearts for fire and Connor said that he lives in a very big flower.