Lil’ Engineer Kit

In June we’ll be going on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. When I purchased the tickets I also got two little engineer kits for the boys and we received them on Friday. I wasn’t actually expecting them to mailed to us, I just assumed we would get them when we got there.

According to the website the conductor will stop for pictures if they see a kid wearing the lil’ engineer kit. I asked the boys if they wanted them before I ordered and JT did but Connor wasn’t sure however they were both excited when we got them and put them on right away.



The kits are pretty nice and you can order a boy or girl version. The kit has a hat, bandana, whistle and a button. Everything but the bandana has the Grapevine Vintage Railroad logo on it so they make good souvenirs.





I’m glad I got these for the boys. They had fun with them and now they are all ready for the train in June.