Review- Golden Groundhog's 100 Pokemon Cards with 2 Ultra Rare Legendary Pokemon

Have you ever purchased a Pokemon card lot from Golden Groundhog? We received a free lot in exchange for an honest review. As always, opinions are 100% my own. The lot we received is their 100 card lot that contains 2 ultra rare legendary Pokemon cards.


The lot we received had a really great variety of cards. There was a good assortment of all the different Pokemon types. The only type that we received very few of was the Steel but that seems to always be one of the rarest types. I think that it is the type that the boys have the least of.

Here is the full set that we received:


As you can see, there is plenty of every type. If you noticed, there are also 3 cards on the top that are not Pokemon. Each Golden Groundhog pack comes with 3 of their own special Golden Groundhog token cards. While they aren’t Pokemon, they are something extra that you receive and you could probably use them as an extra added element to your Pokemon game.



This particular lot promised 2 ultra rare cards. The cards we received were the Rayquaza EX and the Yveltal EX. The boys were pretty excited about both of these cards.


Overall I think that this lot of Pokemon cards is a pretty good set. The boys received a lot of cards that they didn’t have and we received a really great variety. You can find this lot on Amazon. The cards won’t be exactly the same but you should receive a similar assortment. If your kid is a Pokemon fan like Connor and JT then I’m sure they’d love this Pokemon pack.