Abilene Children’s Art & Literacy Festival 2014

This year is Abilene’s 3rd annual Children’s Art & Literacy Festival (CALF) and we will be attending for the 3rd time. The author this year is William Joyce. We were excited to receive our festival items this week. Here’s a look at what we received this year.

We again ordered t-shirts like we do every year. The past two years the shirts have bee white and this year they are black. I personally really like the t-shirt design this year. These are my favorite so far. They also offered Dinosaur Bob caps for the kids so the boys each got one of those as well.



We also received the CALF tote bag and it was filled with coupons, a pencil, two pens, CALF brochures, a CALF map, and our lanyard passes.



The festival starts exactly two weeks from today, June 12th-14th. Check back here after those dates to read about the festival. If you’d like to see my other posts from the Abilene CALF you can do so here.