Speekee- Spanish for Kids

We were given 3 free months of membership at www.Speekee.com. Speekee is a website that helps kids learn Spanish. For the most part it is completely immersive and just about everything is in Spanish.


I wasn’t quite sure what exactly we were supposed to do when we first logged on because there’s not a real clear starting point but I did know that by clicking on the bell icon you could start the Speekee Spanish Challenge. The Speekee Spanish Challenge is recommended for kids over age 7 and gives you different missions to complete so this is what Connor started with.

The missions give you a video to watch and somewhere to go. Once you’ve completed the tasks then you answer a question to receive a prize to decorate your room. The list of tasks and the question are in English but all the videos and everything else is in Spanish.

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Connor had trouble figuring out where his prizes were but all you have to do is click on he home icon in the top right corner; it’s next to the bell. The prizes all appear basically in the same spot so I think when he did figure out where to go to he didn’t see them because they were all on the same spot.

There is a third icon in the top right corner and that is the map. The map icon lets you choose a location to explore. There are 25 different locations to explore. Connor really enjoyed checking out the planets in the Planetario.

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As you’re exploring you’ll come across different videos you can watch, games you can play, and questions to answer. Anytime you come across a star you can click on it and answer that question. The stars usually have a number in them and that is the amount of points you receive for answering the question. I’m not really sure what the points are for. I don’t know if you get prizes at a certain number of points or if they are just so you can see how well you are doing.

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I think that Speekee is a great way to learn with your child as well or brush up on your Spanish if you already know some. I can speak Spanish (but not completely fluent) as well as understand it all and read it so I had fun answering questions and playing some games too. I personally like taking the orders in the cafĂ© and learned something that I didn’t know. I’ve always said juice as jugo but on Speekee they say zumo for juice. I had never heard that before.

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Besides the Speekee Spanish Challenge and just exploring on your own, Speekee offers another great resource called the Speekee FastTrack. The Speekee FastTrack has lesson plans for 40 weeks. The lesson plans include videos to watch, songs, worksheets, flashcards and other activities you can do.

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So if you’re interested in having your kids learn Spanish I really recommend checking out Speekee. You can get started right away wit a free account. You won’t have access to everything with the free account but you’ll still be able to start learning. For those of you interested in a paid membership Speekee is letting me give away a 3 month membership to someone. I’ve already had the giveaway running on the Where Connor and JT Go Facebook page for a few days but you can still enter if you hurry and go now.

Good luck to everyone and let me know what you think if you decide to try out Speekee.


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  1. amandaripsam says:

    My seven year old love Spanish in fact she got into a Spanish site the school sent her but that lead to my little pony reviews and now she’s bugging me for the top of the line mlp stuff lol I think this might be a way to let her do her Spanish stuff with out the you-tube account that the school provided for us. Thanks so much for sharing I’m going to sign up my 7 year old bella