The Heard Museum & Graduation

Welcome to another Flashback Friday post! Today I have a fairly short post about The Heard Museum and my mom’s graduation in Phoenix. It will mostly just be pictures.

The morning of my mom’s graduation we started off with breakfast at the hotel. I don’t remember it now but Connor seemed to be enjoying it.

iphone1 925

After that we went to The Heard Museum for a little bit before going to my mom’s graduation. I really loved The Heard Museum. The museum is all about Native American art and culture and they had a lot of hands on activities for kids.

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After we were done going through the museum we stopped at the gift shop and then picked up some tacos to go from the café. I don’t remember what kind of tacos they were but I do remember that they were really good. I would love to go back to The Heard Museum again and have more time to look around.

Once we left it was time to head to the graduation at the Sheraton.






Outside there were some bug sculptures so we have pictures of those too. Connor took the first two pictures.






Later on we went to Rawhide for dinner and I will write about that next Friday. Thanks for stopping by!