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Zwoosh! is a new children’s bedtime story written by Marie Rose and illustrated by Susan Lee. It’s a fun and engaging book about a little boy who takes a ride on his rainbow rocket ship before bedtime.

I really enjoyed Zwoosh!; the story line is fun and I love the illustrations. According to the back of the book, the illustrations were inspired by Vincent Van Gogh and it really shows. The colors are bright and vivid and in Connor’s word “zwooshy”. Another great aspect of the book is that kids get introduced to the colors of the rainbow and all the planets in our solar system. I recommend Zwoosh! to anyone looking for a fun bedtime or anytime story.

Connor Says:

I think this is a good bedtime story. My favorite part is the moon men because they’re funny. I really like all the pictures. They look like they are painted; they’re “zwooshy”.

One of Connor's favorites- the moon men.

One of Connor’s favorites- the moon men.

JT Says:

I like it; I like all the pictures. My favorite parts are the space race and the moon men picnic. I like the rainbow rocket. It’s colorful and its trail is colorful.

One of JT's favorites- the space race.

One of JT’s favorites- the space race.

After reading Zwoosh! I thought having the boys paint a space picture would be a good activity to go along with the book. Connor ended up wanting to use markers instead of painting and he created his own planet. JT painted a space scene with space worms and a space monster. They both made sure to include zwooshes in their pictures. Zwoosh! has really inspired Connor and he is very excited to learn more about space and the planets. The book doesn’t give a lot of information but about the planets but it does make for a fun, exciting, and inspiring introduction.

Connor's planet inspired by Zwoosh!

Connor’s planet inspired by Zwoosh!

JT's space scene inspired by Zwoosh!

JT’s space scene inspired by Zwoosh!

Zwoosh! Is being released this Saturday, September 20th.

There will be a Zwoosh! Launching Pad Facebook party September 20th from 11am to 1pm PST to celebrate so make sure to join in:

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ZWOOSH! …Blasting off on #Amazon and #Kindle on Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014!


I’ll be stopping by the party on Saturday so I hope to chat with everyone there!

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  1. Marie Rose says:

    Thank you so much Jennifer, Connor, and JT for reviewing ZWOOSH! So glad you enjoyed the story and the zwooshy art! See you all at the launch tomorrow!

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