Minions Movie Review

We went to an advanced screening of Minions on Tuesday. The movie is basically a prequel to Despicable Me. We see where the Minions came from and follow along with Kevin, Stuart, and Bob as they attempt to find a boss for the tribe. They travel to Orlando to attend Villain-Con and meet Scarlett Overkill. She promises them they can all work for her as long as they steal the Queen’s crown for her.


So, did I like the movie? Yes, I did but I didn’t love it. I think that Despicable Me was a much better movie. The movie was cute at times and there were definitely some funny parts but there was also a lot of slap stick and I personally am just not a fan of slap stick comedy. What I did love was the ending. I thought the ending was really cute and I loved it. That was my favorite part.

The boys liked the movie but didn’t really have much to say about it.

JT Says:

“First off I liked it and second the funny part was the giant…the giant…the giant! Giant Kevin.”

Connor Says:

“I liked it. My favorite part was the beginning when they told us how the Minions had been around longer then humans. I forgot what the funniest part was. It was kind of funny when Kevin was a giant and the Minions speak a mixture of Spanish and other stuff.”

Minions comes out in theaters tomorrow, July 10th. Let us know what you think of it.