Happy Tails

Two weeks ago we visited one of the San Antonio library branches and saw a presentation by Happy Tails. I really loved the presentation. It was entertaining and educational.

There were two presenters and we were told they were taking us on a mini tour of Africa so we would be seeing five African animals. The first animal to come out was an African Porcupine named Hasani. Hasani is African for handsome. Hasani was walked back and forth and since the kids were all sitting on the floor I couldn’t get a picture of him.

The next animal to come out was an adorable hedgehog who I think was named Rascal followed by an African Spurred Tortoise named Tiny.


Next to come out was a ball python whose name I do not recall.


The last animal was a Ring Tailed Lemur. The Lemur was a lot of fun.



I was really amazed at what a great presentation this was. The presenters were able to keep it really entertaining and they packed in a lot of information about each animal. At the end they brought out the Hasani the porcupine and the python to pet and take pictures with.




Was anyone else able to catch a Happy Tails presentation? What was your favorite animal?