Sorcerer Mickey Invitations

Last month JT had a Sorcerer Mickey birthday party and I would like to share how we made the invitations.

I wanted the background of the invitation to be a night sky filled with stars. We went to Micheal’s and I initially was hoping they would have paper with a night sky design but they didn’t. Instead we bought blue paper, white glitter glue (and gold and silver), and some tiny stars. I also wanted to get some old fashioned looking paper and they didn’t really have that either so I got the closest paper I could find.


The first thing we did was cut the blue paper in half and the cream colored paper in quarters. Connor had the idea of doing a spell scroll so we cut the quarters to kind of resemble a scroll shape. Once those were cut out I glued the scroll shape to the blue paper and also glued on a Sorcerer Mickey. Once everything was in place I used the white glitter glue to dot stars all over the remaining blue space.


I decided since this was a party invitation we would write a summoning spell on it. I made up the spell and then translated it into Latin. The only word that wasn’t Latin was summonus. The boys just liked that word. I wanted to make everything look sparkly and magical so I wrote the spell out in a grey sharpie and then traced over it with a metallic gold gel pen.


Once I had all the information in place I had some leftover space at the bottom of the scroll so I addded in alternating stars and crescent moons in the gold and silver glitter glue. I also purchased red envelopes and decorated those as well. On the front of the envelope I glued on another Sorcerer Mickey picture and then used the gold and silver glitter glue to make swirls of magic that went across the envelope and onto the back. Where the magic swirls ended on the back I wrote “Let the Magic Begin!” and ended it with a Mickey head.


So there you have the completed Sorcerer Mickey birthday party invitation. They are fairly simple to make and we were really happy with the way they turned out.