The Kitchen at Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard

About two weeks ago we went to Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard. It is in Elmendorf which is just south of San Antonio.

On Saturdays they have a free tour which I would have liked to do but we did not go on a Saturday.



As you walk into the building you see the gift shop in front of you and the dining area off to the left. The dining area is small with only a few tables. There actually wasn’t an available table but they brought another one out for us.


We started off with a starter of bread and a couple of olive dips/toppings.

Starting from the top we have: Olive Oil, Olives, Olive Butter, Olive Pesto, Olive Leaf Jelly, and Olive Tapenade

Starting from the top we have:
Olive Oil, Olives, Olive Butter, Olive Pesto, Olive Jelly, and Olive Tapenade

Connor’s favorite was the olive leaf jelly and JT liked both the olive leaf jelly and the olive oil and possibly the olive butter. I also liked the olive leaf jelly. It had just a slight sweetness to it and it was really surprisingly quite good. I really didn’t like the olive tapenade but the olive pesto was not bad at all. I liked that one. The olive oil was fine; it tasted the way olive oil should and the olive butter basically tasted like olive oil as well.

For our meal the boys had the Margherita Pizza and Connor also had a cup of tomato basil soup. I had the Olive Pesto Chicken Sandwich.




The pizza looked good and the boys liked. They also really liked the soup. JT ended up eating some as well. The Olive Pesto Chicken Sandwich was delicious. I did not expect it to be as good as it was. I don’t order chicken sandwiches very often and when I have they’ve been fine but this was the best chicken sandwich I have ever had. The sandwich was flavorful and the chicken was moist and tender. I really loved it and highly recommend it. I would definitely order that sandwich again.

If you’re in San Antonio and feel like taking a short drive you should go try The Kitchen at Sandy Oaks out and let me know what you think.