Driving Through Tennessee

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been recapping a road trip we took in May. Our very first stop was lunch in Sulphur Springs, then we continued on for a one night stay in Texarkana, followed by a stop at the Crater of Diamonds, and then All Aboard Restaurant in Little Rock. Once we left Arkansas we spent a few days in Tennessee. Our very first stop was in Memphis. We weren’t staying there but we wished we were. We stopped at the Tennessee Welcome Center and took a few pictures. The area around there just looked really cool and the boys said that we have to come back.

There was Elvis, of course,

There was Elvis, of course,

a Bass Pro pyramid,

a Bass Pro pyramid,

and this hanging monorail type thing.

and this hanging monorail type thing.

After leaving Memphis we went on to Jackson which is where we spent the night. We stayed at the DoubleTree Hotel and ordered room service for dinner. We decided to try fried pickles which we hadn’t had before. They were so good that since then I have ordered fried pickles every time I see them on a menu.


In the morning we got donuts at a place nearby before continuing our drive.


We continued through Nashville and stopped at Shipwreck Cove for lunch.







After lunch we got back on the road. We ended up stuck in traffic somewhere because of construction so that took forever but we finally made it to our destination- Pigeon Forge. Up next I’ll have a couple different posts on Pigeon Forge. It was such a fun place!

Thanks for reading!