Our Indoor Skydiving Experience at iFly

*Disclosure: We received complimentary iFly packages in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own honest opinions.*

Have you ever wanted to try skydiving? Did you know that you experience skydiving without having to leave the ground? Last week Connor and I visited iFly San Antonio for some indoor skydiving.

I had actually been indoor skydiving about 20ish years ago in Las Vegas but iFly was a bit of different experience for me. Connor had been wanting to try out iFly for quite awhile now so he was both excited and nervous. When we got there he wasn’t sure whether or not he actually wanted to try it.

Walking into iFly, we were quickly greeted and checked-in and then instructed to wait in the next room until it was our turn to get ready to fly. The room we walked into held the vertical wind tunnel in the center of the room. The room was spacious and there was plenty of seating.

While we were waiting for our flight time we got to watch some of the instructors fly. The instructors are able to do lots of really cool tricks with their flying and it’s really fun to watch them.

After waiting for our flight time to come up, it was finally time to get ready to fly. First we were taken into the preflight room. We watched a short video about the flight position and the hand signals that would be used in the wind tunnel.

Once the video was over, it was time to put on our flight gear. We each received a flight suit, helmet, goggles, and ear plugs to put on.

Here’s Connor in his flight suit. I wanted to get a picture with the rest of his flight gear on but we had put our stuff back in the lockers and we got locked out. I asked our instructor about it and he said he had a key that he could use to open it but I didn’t want to make him open it up just so we could take a picture.

As soon as the other group finished up their flight session in the wind tunnel, it was our turn. We lined up and sat down inside and then it was time to fly. Each person flies for a minute at a time. I went second in the group and it did not go so smoothly. I remembered the flight position; it was the exact same as from when I did it a long time ago but as soon as the wind hit my face I couldn’t do it. I tried to keep my chin up to block the wind from hitting me directly in my face as best as I could but I just could not do it and I ended flipping over. Connor went in after me and he did better than I did but I could tell the wind got to him too. It wasn’t until we looked at his video that we realized it looked like he was swimming because he was kicking his legs. He said that he didn’t know that he was doing that and he felt like his legs were straight. Everyone gets to turns to fly so I went ahead and gave it another try and just tried to relax and breathe and I felt like I did better but I couldn’t do the whole minute. Connor decided not to take his second turn.

Although we may not have done as well, there were some others that were really great at it and I loved watching them. I thought it was so much fun to see them do the high fly. If I could manage to get the breathing thing down then I’d be good. Connor said that he’d like to try it again but he needs to practice having the wind blow in his face. I agree, I definitely need to practice with the wind blowing in my face. I can’t even breathe correctly if the wind is blowing hard and I’m walking or just standing; I have to turn away. Regardless, it was a fun experience and I’m so glad that Connor got to try it out because it is something he had been wanting to do.

If you’re thinking about giving iFly a try, you can check out some more info on their website here. iFly also offers birthday party packages and field trip packages. The field trips are STEM based and include experiments along with a flight in the wind tunnel. We have homeschool friends that have done the iFly field trips and we’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Everyone always ends up having so much fun.

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