Palateria San Antonio

The third place we went to since starting our ice cream tour was Palatería San Antonio. We actually went here right after getting ice cream from Justin’s Ice Cream Company on the Riverwalk. Palatería San Antonio is also downtown so we decided we’d head there too since we don’t visit downtown very often.

Palatería San Antonio offers two types of paletas. You can choose from milk based or water based. Connor decided on Strawberries and Cream, JT picked Bubblegum, and I went with Coconut. The boys ended up getting a second popsicle because they really wanted to try Watermelon. They decided that they didn’t really care for the first ones they got but they loved the Watermelon.

We went back a second time about two months later because Connor wanted to get one of the watermelon paletas. When we got there, we noticed that we were walking in a different door. The inside had been expanded and now there is a small sitting area with a few tables and a cute popsicle stick wall. This is a great addition because the first time we went, we had to eat our popsicles super fast because they were melting quickly.

This time around I decided to try Blueberry Banana. This wasn’t an option the first time we went; Palatería San Antonio states that they change flavors regularly. I love coconut so I liked the coconut paleta I had the first time but Blueberry Banana was my favorite of the two.

So, if you’re in the area, make sure to check out Palatería San Antonio. The boys have declared the watermelon paletas as their all time favorite popsicle.

What is your favorite popsicle?