Dickens on Main

Dickens on Main in Boerne is an event that I have been wanting to go to for a couple of years since I first heard about it but we hadn’t been able to make it yet. So, we made a point to make plans to go there this year as stop 3 on Texas Christmas tour.

We got there a little early. I think it was about 2pm which worked out really well because we managed to find a good parking at the County Courthouse. Dickens on Main is divided into several areas. We headed over to the closest and biggest area, North Pole Village. There were food trucks and food booths lining the entire area. Connor decided on a schnitzel sandwich from Ye Ole Schnitzel Hütte so we shared that. We also shared an eggroll and some mini tacos.

After that we walked over to Santa’s Village for a picture with Santa. There was no line at all when we went but later on we saw a very long line for Santa. Once we were done there, we went to check out the kids crafts at Tiny Tim Village but we only grabbed one of the reindeer pot crafts to take home because Connor couldn’t stand the strong paint smell from the crafts.

Next up on the schedule was Tobias the Adequate followed by Bah Humbug: A one man Christmas Carol. We liked both of the shows. Tobias the Adequate is a magician and he’s very entertaining and funny. We even ended up catching one of the knots from his rope trick. Bah Humbug was also fun to watch. It was fun to see how the actor played all of the different characters.

Once the show was over we tried to go to the petting zoo and see the reindeer but there were too many people. We also wanted to see the ice sculpture battle but that was also crowded. We did find a hole in the crowd though so watched for a minute or two. The last thing we wanted to do was check out the snow slide but there was a very long line for that too.

We had a nice time at Dickens on Main. I think we arrived at the perfect time because were able to do most things before it got really crowded and we also got a close parking. I’m happy that we were able to add this event to our Christmas tour this year.

I know I’ve seen several Dickens events around this time of year. Which one is your favorite?