Where Connor and JT Go in a Kia Sedona

Drive Shop gave us the opportunity to try out a 2016 Kia Sedona SXL for a week.


The Kia Sedona SXL is a really cool minivan. I’ve never driven a minivan before but it was really nice and I really liked. I’m not used to driving something so big but I adjusted to it quickly and the parking assist really helped out. I thought it was cool and helpful because there was an aerial view of the Sedona.

Another thing I liked about the Sedona was the steering wheel. I just really liked the feel of it.


The boys really enjoyed the car too. Connor called it a vacation car. It was really roomy and they were super comfortable in it. Their seats reclined and there was even a foot rest.



They also of course loved that it had a screen to watch movies as well as a sunroof to look out.



Another thing worth mentioning is that they really liked that the windows had screens they could pull up to block the sun.

Since this car is such a great car for traveling I really wanted to take a drive to Austin the Saturday that we had it, spend the night there and then the next day go to a pumpkin patch that is in Bastrop. It rained a lot however so we weren’t able to do that. Here’s what we were able to do.

One of the first things we did was go get some ice cream.

We went to eat at the Magic Time Machine. This was on the rainiest day and the boys really liked looking at the rain on the sunroof.




We went to play at Chuck E. Cheese.


We also took a drive to Boerne and Fredericksburg.

We looked at some of the sculptures from the Art al Fresco exhibit in Boerne.




In Fredericksburg went to a couple of shops and had some lunch.





We weren’t able to go to one of the bigger pumpkin patches but we still needed pumpkins so we picked some up at one of the church pumpkin patches.


We really enjoyed driving around in the Sedona. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was the headrest on the driver’s seat; it wasn’t comfortable for me. I also wanted to mention that you can see the speed limit on the gps. I thought that was cool because sometimes I’m driving somewhere unfamiliar and I wonder what the speed limit is when I haven’t seen a sign.


The Sedona also has a third row. We didn’t use it but we did check it out. Here’s the boys’ picture in the 3rd row.


Thank you to Drive Shop for the opportunity to try out the Sedona. It was really fun being able to drive around in it.



You can also check out our video.