Abilene CALF 2013 Day 1

Yesterday was the start of the 2013 Abilene Children’s Art and Literacy Festival. I don’t have much to write about our time at the actual festival so I will just start at the beginning of the day.

We got up early to go pick up the rental car but before we left JT opened the first of his birthday presents. His birthday is on Tuesday, the 18th.

He loved it.

He loved it.

Once we picked up the SUV and got it all packed we stopped to get something for breakfast. We just went through the drive-thru at McDonald’s and got sausage biscuits. I don’t really eat breakfast sandwiches or sausage but I thought they were pretty good.

Samsung 021

Samsung 022

After the short stop at McDonald’s we were on our way but we made a short stop in Fredricksburg first.

Samsung 025

Once we finally arrived in Anson my grandma got lunch ready for us as the boys played ball with their great grandpa. After lunch the boys played out on the swingset for a little bit and played ball some more and then we left to go check in at the hotel real quick and then went on to the Artwalk.

Samsung 028

There were a couple of tables set out on the sidewalks. One of the tables was giving out fans. On one side of the fan there was a list of things to find as you watched the parade.

Samsung 095

We went into the Center for Contemporary Arts and looked around a little bit. When we got to the upstairs the parade was starting so we watched from the window. The parade was mostly people walking and a few cars. There was a volkwagon painted to look like Cinderella’s pumpkin, Cinderella and the mice were in the parade as well. We saw everything on the fan except for Mini Moo and the unicorn.

There was a castle upstairs in the Center for Contemporary Arts that the boys really liked but they kept going in and out and eventually ran into each other and Connor ended up with a big bump on his forehead so he wanted to go back to the hotel.

Samsung 031

On the way to the car the boys got Jimmy’s Italian Ice. Connor got blue raspberry and JT got bubblegum. Connor said that it made him feel better.

Samsung 032

Samsung 033

When we got back to the hotel JT opened one more present and then Connor and I went to pick up dinner from The Blue Taco.

Samsung 035

Samsung 037

Stay tuned for more on the CALF 2013 and I will also write individual reviews on The Blue Taco and the hotel (Courtyard by Marriot).

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