Bogie’s Downtown Deli

Bogie’s Downtown Deli in downtown Abilene is usually only open for lunch Monday through Friday, but for the Abilene CALF they also opened for lunch on Saturday.

The restaurant is not big; there was plenty of tables when we went but I can imagine it might get busy during the week. Bogie’s is themed after Humphrey Bogart movies and the slogan of the deli is “Here’s eating with you, kid”.

This is one of those restaurants where you order up at the counter and then they bring your food out to you.

The boys ordered the kid’s grilled cheese and I shared the Virginia City burger with my mom. The Virginia City burger had avocado, jack cheese, tomatoes, and parmesan peppercorn dressing. It was good. I picked that burger for two reasons…1. I like avocados, 2. I like trying burgers that have different and unique sauces on them rather than just regular mustard.

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I actually could have eaten a whole one by myself but oh well. Sometimes burgers are so big and I always think we should’ve shared but this one was a good size for one person. All burgers and sandwiches are served with chips.

So, I liked Bogie’s and I would go there again for a quick lunch while in Abilene.